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Circus Fit With McKenna

Improve yourself today! no experience needed!

What Is Circus Fit?

Ready to switch up your workout routine? Are you looking for a way to condition aerial arts, handstands, or break out of the same old gym regiment?

Circus Fit is a one hour workout experience. This class combines bodyweight, functional, and gymnastics inspired exercises. This is a great way to condition for circus arts, BUT you don’t have to be a circus artist to train like one! Acrobat or accountant, you are welcome to join! No experience is necessary. Get fit, get flexible, and get ready to have fun along the way!

Circus Fit Schedule:
Monday at 11am (All ages class)
Tuesday 7:35pm (Adult Only)

Located at Soar Athletics Studio

Your Circus Fit Coach!

My name is McKenna Wilkins and I am your Circus Fit coach! I was a lifelong equestrian, competing in Dressage. My circus journey began in 2017 performing partner acrobatics. In 2018 I began training aerial arts and have fully pursued my passion for performing and coaching ever since. My love of circus arts, and desire to be a true athlete, motivated me to educate myself and focus on fitness and flexibility. It has been a journey to transform my body and mind so that I can continue to grow as a circus artist. Now I want to give back and help you reach your goals! Join me for some Circus Fit classes and get started on your journey!